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Medical Research

A medical study is a scientific practice that has specific controls aimed at obtaining information about medical practice, diagnosis, treatment, medical sciences, pharmacology, and related sciences, and contributes to understanding a specific disease or testing a behavioral or pharmacological treatment.

There are several types of medical studies, and choosing the type of study is an important aspect in the design of medical studies, and the type of study that can best answer the research question must be chosen.

Medical studies can be divided into two types: primary research and secondary research.

Primary studies, including three types:

  •  (basic medical research).
  •  (clinical research).
  •  (epidemiological research).

As for the secondary studies, they include reviewing a large group of primary studies and collecting them to obtain more comprehensive and accurate results, and the types of research review (reviews) and “meta-analyses”.

Some believe that there are companies seeking to obtain profit in any way, even at the expense of the health of the consumer, and for this purpose they may ignore scientific data and practice misleading and deceit, in a plot that may reach the level of a “conspiracy theory”.

On the other hand, others believe that the matter does not involve a conspiracy, and that there are materials that are believed to be safe at some point in time and therefore their use is permissible, but when recent studies show their harm, then they are withdrawn.

There are also materials about which there are no decisive conclusions, and the relationship between them and certain complications is weak or conflicting, and therefore it cannot be considered dangerous and withdrawn from the market.

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